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Water gauge glass and for sight glasses

The use of a sight glass is necessary in many branches of industry, and where there is a need of visual inspection of a process.
These are sight glasses resistant to high temperatures as well as aggressive chemical environment.
Depending on the conditions inside the environment observed, we recommend different types of sight glasses:

Lighting glass

We specialize in the production of glass used for lighting objects as well as different types of rooms. Depending on the needs of a lighting producer, we are able to offer appropriate glass or even a colored glass filter:

Welding lenses and filters

We are one of the leading producers of protective glasses for welding masks and welder’s helmets.
We also offer a complete supply with welding filters in a full range of shading.

Technical glass

Being specialized in widely understood technical glass, we offer technical glass used in many branches of industry as well as in everyday life.

Metallurgical glass filters

We manufacture glass filters for metallurgical helmets or masks in a full range of shading.

Glass filters

We make custom-made glass filters:

  • metallurgical glass filter
  • glass filter for a solarium
  • diffusing glass filter
  • welding glass filter
  • colored glass filter
  • UV glass filter
  • IR glass filter
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