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Sapphire glass is resistant, hard, chemically stable and it is an excellent material for sight glasses in an unfavorable environment.

Sapphire glass may be cleaned repeatedly without any damage! It is resistant to temperature up to 2000 degrees C and is used in situations where there are considerable differences of pressures. Due to high costs of production and high hardness at grinding, small size elements are used.


  1. Optical industry
    (UV and infrared, telemetry, gas and air analyzers)
  2. Measuring devices, meters of electricity, water, flow
    (wear resistance)
  3. Spray nozzles, cleaning in the water jets, rods

Basic parameters of sapphire glass:
Density 3,98g /cm3
Hardness 9 (Mohs scale)
Softening point 2040oC
Thermal expansion coefficient 6,7 x 10-6/oC
parallel to C-axis
5,0 x 10-6/oC
perpendicular to C-axis
Thermal conductivity 46,06 W / m oK with 0oC
Compressive strength GPa 2,0
Bending strength daN/mm2 35 do 39
Tensile strength MPa 400 with 25oC
MPa 275 with 500oC
MPa 345 with 1000oC
Dielectric constant 11,5 (103 - 109 Hz, 25oC
parallel to C-axis
9,3 (103 - 109 Hz, 25oC
perpendicular to C-axis
Effective resistance 1016 ohm - cm (25oC)
1011 ohm - cm (500oC)
106 ohm - cm (1000oC)
Structure a = b = 4,77 A
c = 13,04 A