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Electrical properties

Glass is a good electrical insulator. However, the ability to transfer electric charges is possible due to concentrated potassium and sodium bases in glass, in particular at an increased temperature. Borofloat type glass, due to low content of basic elements is an excellent insulator and the increased temperature does not matter in this case. For the above reasons, it is suitable for application in electrical appliances which require good insulation in increased working temperature.

Optical properties

The production process run in intensified quality control conditions minimizes a probability to originate defects such as air bubbles or striations. Due to low content of ferric oxide, there is increased transmittance of ultraviolet rays, light and infrared in comparison with soda-lime glass. Unlike other types of glass, Borofloat is characterized by low dispersion of light.

Physical properties

Density of Borofloat glass belongs to the lowest ones among glass types based on silicate. Borofloat is extremely resistant to scratches as well as rubbing/abrasion. Resistance to bending depends on many factors in the environment in which it works.

Thermal properties

Borofloat type glass has one of the lowest coefficients of thermal expansion, which makes it resistant to thermal shocks. In combination with maximum constant working temperature (450 degrees C) the above mentioned features make Borofloat type glass ideal in the environment which requires good thermal stability.

Thermal expansion according to ISO 7991 3.3 x 10-6 K-1
Transformation temperature 525 °C
Density 2,23 g/cm-3
Upper limit of cooling temperature 1013 dPas 560 °C
Lower limit of cooling temperature 1014.5 dPas 510 °C
Softening point temperature 107.6 dPas 825 °C
Maximum temperature of short-term work 500 °C
Index of refraction 1,473

Borofloat glass may be used in the following branches of industry:
  • chemical industry
  • medical technology
  • food industry
  • paper industry
  • tobacco industry
  • household appliances
  • lighting
  • biotechnology
  • precision engineering, optics
  • semiconductor engineering, electronics, sensors
BOROFLOAT 450 °C 3,3 x 10-6 / K
TEMPERED BOROFLOAT SG 340 °C 4,0 x 10-6 / K