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Our extensive offer makes us a competent partner in the special glass sector.
We have on stock, among others: 

  • Float glass: 2-25mm.
  • White glass: 1-19mm.
  • Thin glass:  0.5/0.6-1.5/1.7 mm.
  • Low emissivity coated glass.
  • Anti-reflective glass
  • Borofloat 1.1-25mm heat-resistant up to 450°C
  • Borosilicate glass: 26-50mm
  • Opalika: coated glass, milk glass.
  • Ceramic glass: Robax, Keralite, Neoceram.
  • Macor – technical ceramics
  • Pyroceram up to 800°C: 3-5mm
  • Glass filters
  • Metallurgical filters: Neotherm.
  • Filters blocking UV radiation
  • Diffuser filters.
  • Uvilex 390Z:3.75mm
  • Thermally toughened glass
  • Chemically toughened glass
  • B270 glass: white, highly transparent
  • Duran: borosilicate glass tubes
  • Conturax: borosilicate glass rods.
  • Zerodur: ceramic technical glass: optoelectronics and minor mechanical applications.
  • Quartz glass – Optical glass: Color filters
  • Laminated safety glass: transparent, matt or colored /foil/.
  • AF 45/D263: borosilicate, thin glass.
  • Sapphire glass.

Cooperating with world manufacturers, we are able to secure continuous supplies of all types of technical glass.

If you think that something cannot be made of glass, call us and we will gladly help you solve the problem.
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