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Fireplace glass

We seriously treat the structure of prices for our products. We try to promote producer companies and prepare the prices individually, according to the demand. We prefer whole year’s orders with some companies, where deliveries are fixed weekly. We advise on application of appropriate glass according to the required conditions.

Deliveries are mostly completed at our expense. Each product is covered by insurance, and if there is damage of shipment, we deal with all formalities.

Fireplace floor plates

We produce fireplace floor plates in various shapes and dimensions. They have polished edges and rounded corners thanks to which they are esthetic and safe.
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Cords, tapes

Sealing cords and tapes for fireplace doors.
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Fireplace paravans, screens

Dry Wiper

Clean your fireplace glass panel. Dry Wiper means simpler and easier cleaning than by means of other liquid detergents.